East Valley
Youth Coalition

Our Mission:

The East Valley Youth Coalition empowers our community through education and substance abuse prevention to promote safe and healthy individuals in our community.

We Are a Community


EVYC is not a school based program, but a community one that allows not only high school but graduated students.

EVYC will be doing community projects, volunteering at events, participating in workshops, trainings, and much more. The EV Youth Coalition is a safe group that accepts all people, even those who are not drug free to join. We promote a friendly, loving space where everyone is welcome.

This group brings awareness to substance abuse/misuse and helps the people of the EV community become drug free!

EVYC members represent the youth sector in the larger East Valley Community Coalition, which includes adults and youth who work in various East Valley businesses and agencies and/or live in the East Valley community who are interested in promoting health and wellness locally.

This groups’ goal is to make the EV community a healthier and drug free zone with a multitude of activities in the near future. The youth coalition is the part of a large group but meets separately before EVCC meetings. We gather ideas, plans, and information to bring to meetings which our chairmen attend.

Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved in supporting the goals of the EVYC.

Join the Community

Become a member of EVYC!

Community Events

Participate in community events and activities that encourage youth to abstain from drugs and alcohol

Red Ribbon Week

Participate in Red Ribbon week held annually in October


Take steps to safeguard prescription drugs (painkillers, sedatives, and stimulants) in your home: monitor their use, keep them in a lock box, and properly dispose of unused or expired medications and participate in a Drug Take Back Event

Did You Know?

The Majority of East Valley Youth Don’t Use Drugs, Alcohol, or Other Substances.

In the recent Healthy Youth Survey, middle and high school students were asked to report their use of tobacco, drugs, and alcohol in the last 30 days. These were the results among 10th grade students:


94% have not smoked cigarettes


79% have not consumed alcohol


81% have not used marijuana


93% have not abused prescription drugs

Taking Preventative Steps

Help lower their risk of substance use disorders


Adolescent brains and bodies are still developing rapidly – and they are especially sensitive to harmful substances like tobacco, alcohol, marijuana and other drugs. The 2018 Healthy Youth Survey found that among Washington State 10th graders, 21% use e-cigarette or vapor products, 19% drink alcohol, and 18% use marijuana.

These rates translate into tens of thousands of teens using addictive substances at a time when their brains are being wired with behaviors that can last a lifetime. This helps explain why people who start using substances early in life are more likely to have higher levels of substance use and abuse later in life. Taking steps to prevent or delay substance use among young people is a way to lower their risk of substance use disorders, and to improve the social, civic, and economic wellbeing of our communities.

In East Valley (Spokane), fewer students are using substances since the implementation of CPWI.

  • 26% decrease in any alcohol use in past 30 days. 26% 26%
  • 44% decrease in any cigarette smoking ever. 44% 44%
  • 46% decrease in any binge drinking in past 2 weeks. 46% 46%
  • 42% decrease in early initiation of substance use 42% 42%

Let’s Talk About It

From drugs and alcohol to mental health awareness, we’re here to talk about the tough subjects.





Prescription Drugs

Mental Health

Make Every Conversation Count


Connection is the best prevention there is. Having conversations about drugs, alcohol, and suicide can be hard, but EVYC is here to help! If we want to tackle and solve the issues our generation is facing, we need to open to conversation. Click on the links below for more resources or send us a message for more information.


Marijuana use can be dependence-inducing and people who begin using before age 18 are more likely to develop marijuana use disorder.

Tobacco and Vaping

Know the risks- there’s no such thing as a “safe” tobacco or nicotine product.


Underage drinking does impact your brain.

Prescription Drugs

Know the facts!

Mental Health

Mental health matters.  

How will you get involved?

Check out the events going on at EVCC